January Book Haul – Kindle Unlimited

Flawless by Elsie Silver – “The rules were simple. Keep my hands off his daughter and stay out of trouble. But now I’m stuck with her. There’s only one bed. And well, rules are made to be broken. I’m the face of professional bull riding—the golden boy. Or at least I was, until it all blew up in my face. Now my agent says I have to clean up my image, so I’m stuck with his ball-busting daughter for the rest of the season as my “full-time supervision.” But I don’t need a goddamn babysitter, especially one with skin-tight jeans, a sexy smirk, and a mouth she can’t stop running. A mouth I can’t stop thinking about. Because Summer isn’t just another conquest. She sees the man behind the mask, and she doesn’t run—she pulls me closer, even when she shouldn’t. She says this means nothing. I say this means everything. She says there are boundaries we shouldn’t cross. That my reputation can’t take any more hits—and neither can her damaged heart. I say I’m going to steal it anyway.”

Heartless by Elsie Silver – “Working as a nanny for the world’s grumpiest single dad should have been simple. Except I can’t keep my eyes off him. And he can’t keep his hands off of me. Cade Eaton is thirteen years older than I am and barely looks my way. Until I get him into the hot tub one night for a game of truth or dare. Then all bets are off—and so are our clothes. He’s gruff, a little rough around the edges. But broad-shouldered ranchers with calloused hands and filthy mouths are this city girl’s kryptonite. So who am I to resist? But it’s in our quiet moments together that he softens. It’s when he takes care of me that I realize his hardened exterior is just a façade. It’s when I watch him go all sweet with his little boy that I really fall for him. Someone convinced him once that his best wasn’t good enough. But I’ve never felt more cherished than I do in his arms. My contract may say this arrangement is only for two months. But my heart says this is forever.”

January Book Haul

The Accident by Katie McMahon – “All it takes is a spilt second for everything to change forever. Imogen has always wanted to be a doctor, but the pressure of her job is slowly cracking her fragile mental state; her infatuation with an old flame twisting into something darker. Grace has her hands full as a vet and a harried mother to a recovering anorexic teenager. But when circumstances force her daughter to change school, Grace’s carefully-hidden secrets are threatened with exposure. Zoe, a teacher, is blissfully in love with her new boyfriend, but his old school friend, Imogen, still seems to be obsessed with him… and now her… All it takes is one fateful accident to change all their lives forever. Or was it an accident at all?”

Wildflowers by Peggy Frew – “Meg and Nina have been outshone by their younger sister Amber since childhood. They have become used to living on the margins of their parents’ interest, used to others turning away from them and towards charismatic Amber. But Amber’s life has not gone the way they all thought it would, and now the three of them are together for the first time in years, on the road to a remote holiday rental in Far North Queensland, where Meg and Nina plan on helping Amber overcome her addiction. As good intentions gradually become terrifying reality, these sisters will test the limits of love and the line between care and control.”

2023 Bucket List

I had grand plans at the beginning of 2022. I intended on making it so much better than the previous couple of years, both of which seemed to fly by in a pandemic daze. And it really was an okay sort of year. We moved into our new house, we spent a lot of down time relaxing, and we even managed an interstate trip without either of us catching Covid. But then, of course, we both managed to catch it one random weekend a month or so later, and I developed a back injury which has restricted my ability to move around normally. So if I’ve learnt anything from the past few years it’s that I’m probably not going to tick everything off this list. There is always going to be something that comes up along the way. I don’t want to set lofty goals for the year, I think at this point I’d be happy with a few big ticket items and a lot of time spent doing the things I enjoy.

Here’s what I’m hoping to achieve in 2023:

▷ Make efforts to cure my burnout
▷ Go to the Singapore Grand Prix
▷ Work on rehabilitating my back
▷ Finish setting up / decorating the new house
▷ Spend less of my free time on social media
▷ Rediscover my creativity
▷ Get a puppy (?)
▷ Spend more time at the beach
▷ Read at least 50 books