The Christmas Edit

I would love to be able to experience a white Christmas, mostly because I’d die to be able to wear one of those big cosy Christmas sweaters and lounge around next to the fireplace all day. Unfortunately I would literally die of heat stroke if I wore a sweater during an Australian Christmas. My Christmas day is typically spent sitting indoors next to the air-conditioner, avoiding the face-melting conditions of the world outside. This usually lasts until the sun is low enough in the sky that I’m able to head outside without bursting into flames, and then it’s straight into the pool. Taking this into consideration, my Christmas day makeup is kept minimal: tinted moisturiser, cream blush, and a dab of tinted lip balm on the lips. The real effort is made when I go out for dinner with my family on Christmas Eve (one of our yearly traditions).

01) NARS Sheer Glow Foundation – When I wear a red lipstick/winged liquid liner combination I try to make sure that my base looks as flawless as possible. I like this foundation because it lets just enough skin show through to keep things looking natural.

02) Chantecaille Diamonds Eyeshadow Trio – The festive season is all about glitz and sparkle, and I love bringing out my glittery eyeshadows to wear at night.

03) Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner – In my opinion, a little flick of liquid eyeliner is the perfect match for red lipstick and this is one of my all-time favourite liners.

04) NARS Lipstick in Jungle Red – Red lips are the key to this look, and I love wearing a really bright and festive shade of red.

05) Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Light – Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this highlighter and I’m dying to try it out. I feel like it would give a beautiful glow to the tops of the cheekbones and help bring this entire look together.

Christmas Wishlist

Strangely enough, one of the hardest things for me to do before Christmas is figure out what I want to put on my gift wishlist. I have a massive shopping list on my computer with things that I want to eventually buy for myself, but they’re either completely random and slightly inappropriate to ask for as a Christmas gift (sports bra anyone?) or something that I am planning to buy from the US via a parcel forwarding service. Nevertheless I managed to scrape together a list of things that I wouldn’t mind seeing under the tree on Christmas day…

Santa, if you’re reading this I am a size 9 in the shoes pictured above. Thanks.

Christmas Hiatus

This will be my last post until after Christmas, so I am wishing those who celebrate it a very Merry Christmas, and everyone a very happy holidays! Have a great time, stay safe and do your best to live in the moment. I am already looking forward to 2011 and everything it will bring. My mindset is positive, and my #1 priority for the year ahead is budgeting. (cue screaming) Seriously though, 2010 has been a blast, but it’s also been rather excessive and I am looking to cull down frivolous spending a lot in my life next year. I will go into this in further detail in another blog post, but for now – have a great weekend everyone, and I’ll be back next week!

Christmas Traditions

As inspired by Stef’s post over at the newly refurbished The Lip Print, I thought I would write up a little post about Christmas, and the traditions that my family partakes in every year. I absolutely love Christmas, and I take great pleasure in annoying my family, friends and co-workers with my joy throughout the month of December. Step 1 – Novelty Christmas Mug for work.

Every year I buy myself a Christmas themed mug to take to work. The biggest mistake I ever made was definitely trying out the mugs that play music every time you lift them up to drink from them. Yeah, big mistake. Thankfully I made it out of the workplace alive that year. Step 2 – Decorate the tree.

Every year I like to choose a theme for the tree that was different to the year before. Last year we had blue and silver decorations. This year, we opted for red and silver. It is also necessary to play Bing Crosby Christmas carols as loud as possible during the trimming of the tree. This is a tradition carried over from my childhood, which I will embrace for the rest of my life because it brings me so much joy. Step 3 – Christmas movie nights.

Sunday nights in December are dedicated to favourite Christmas movies. Home Alone, Home Alone 2 & Elf are all watched in the lead up to Christmas. (usually accompanied by takeout food and a beer, a lovely indulgence before a busy week at work) I wish Home Alone had a soundtrack, I would download it/buy it in an instant. SO many great carols in that movie. Step 4 – Christmas shopping day.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, every year I book a day off of work to dedicate to Christmas shopping. This way I can take a day off of work to enjoy myself while shopping, and get everything crossed off of my list at the same time. It makes the whole gift buying experience a lot more fun, and a lot less stressful. I try to take care of things before they become a problem in my life, and this is my way of avoiding having to rush around like a mad chook at the shops buying last minute gifts. I generally spend this day with my mum too, and we stop and have lunch or a coffee and that is another lovely aspect of the day that I look forward to. Step 5 – Get crafty.

That is a mintie wreath if anyone is wondering what the heck is going on in that picture! I love baking, and creating at Christmas. My favourite thing to do is bake Christmas cookies, but as I didn’t have a decent picture of them this year, the mintie wreath will have to do! I posted the recipe for my favourite Christmas sugar cookies here last year, so take a look if you’re interested in making them for yourself!

Other traditions that I try to do every year include Christmas dinner with my close girlfriends (at the same venue every year) where we hand out ‘secret santa’ presents to one another. Collecting unwanted/unused beauty products from co-workers, friends and family to donate to a women’s shelter on the weekend before Christmas. Christmas Eve mass followed by dinner with my family, my parents, my brother, sister in law and beautiful neice. Christmas day celebrations with my family, and then a boxing day BBQ where everyone swims in the pool, watches the cricket and generally recovers from the madness of the events of the month. I also like to drink and eat a lot but I figured that was a given. What are your favourite holiday traditions?

Christmas Gift Guide Pt 3. (under $200)

This is my third and final gift guide for the season, for items under $200. If you’re interested, you can still view my previous gift gives for under $50 and under $100 that I posted last week. I managed to get 99% of my Christmas shopping done yesterday so I have 1 more gift to buy and I am done for the season! Enough bragging, on to the gift guide…

Under $200 (for her)

Under $200 (for him)

Happy Holidays!