Product Review: Napoleon Perdis Loose Dust #9

Looking back, I think this might have been the very first Napoleon Perdis product that I ever bought. I still love it to this day and I feel like it might actually last until the end of time. After a quick bit of google research and a trip to the Napoleon counter today it’s come to my attention that the loose dust eyeshadows are now packaged differently, and there seems to be a new colour naming system. Which to me makes more sense because the whole numbered shadows thing seems kind of confusing (and slightly boring) to me. The colour #9 was apparently ‘Golden Beige’, but this isn’t marked on the packaging anywhere.

The Napoleon Loose Dust shadows have a similar consistancy to a pigment, and they can be used in a few different ways. Personally I use this shade as a highlight, and all over lid colour and occasionally as a liner (just add water to a little bit of product and voila! this also makes for a particularly striking shadow when used wet). You only need a small amount of the loose dust for maximum colour payoff, so this product is definitely great value for money. It contains a lot of shimmer, so if you’re sparkle averse this product probably isn’t for you. I don’t think this particular shadow is in production anymore, but you can currently pick it up for $23.80 AUD from Active Skin online.

Product Review: MAC Eyeshadow in Blanc Type

For all the porcelain skinned girls out there, let me introduce you to the perfect matte beige eyeshadow. MAC’s ‘Blanc Type’. This has been my go-to base powder eyeshadow since the day it arrived on my doorstep. It’s the perfect neutral for my eyes, and I wear it on it’s own, or layered under other shadows, depending on the look I’m going for. It was incredibly hard to swatch as it’s basically the same colour as the skin on my arm, but I did my best.

To be honest it’s not the smoothest of eyeshadows that I’ve ever used, and I’m not sure if that is something that happens a lot with MAC matte shadows, as this is the first I’ve ever used. I do still love it though, and as I mentioned earlier I’ve been wearing it practically every day. The MAC eyeshadow ‘Blanc Type’ retails for $33 AUD at the MAC Australian website, but you can currently snatch it up for $19 AUD over at Strawberrynet.

Coming Up: Eyeshadow Week

After a brief perusal of the different makeup reviews I’ve done in the past, I came to the conclusion that eyeshadow doesn’t nearly get enough representation on this blog. I hope to remedy this with “eyeshadow week” – 7 days, 7 eyeshadow reviews. For those of you that are fans of neutrals, this will be for you. I am not at all out there in my eyeshadow colour range and for me it’s the more natural looking the better when it comes to eyeshadow. Gold and bronze will probably also show up a fair bit, as they bring out the green in my eyes so I try to wear those colours as often as I can. Stay tuned for Eyeshadow Week!