November Fitness Chat

Despite us having a week off last week (read: a week where we went out for dinner every single night and made zero effort to workout), I feel like we’re still on track with our health and fitness goals at the moment. For the most part at least. At the core of it we’re both feeling motivated, although translating that to some kind of regular life practice is the hard part. I don’t think I did too badly with my October goals, so let’s see how I went –

October Goals
Although we did make good progress with the month’s worth of workouts, it was a trial-and-error experience for me, and I’ll be changing up my method slightly when moving forward. We’re now in a place where we prefer to workout together, so the few yoga workouts that I’d included on the sheet did not get done. We’ve started strength training after our run, although this is hard because I’m not used to coming up with ideas for male muscle groups. I definitely need to do a bit more research here. Add to that the fact that Sebastian has a leg issue that needs operating on next month, and my regular ‘do 5 million squats!’ method doesn’t work too well. We managed to finish off 8 out of 20 workouts, which isn’t great, but it’s better than we had been doing. We also incorporated a lot of running into our schedule, and made use of the running track near our house – which was another of my goals for the month. So far we’ve stuck to the one takeaway meal for the month, but it’s been easy for us as we’ve been going out for dinner so much recently. So I don’t think that really counts.

November Goals
I plan on sticking to a similar monthly workout method as last month, only this time I won’t be writing down the type of workout that we’ll be doing. Mostly because at the moment we’re doing the same thing over and over again. As soon as we’re in a set routine, I think we’ll mix it up a bit. I also plan on sticking to our ‘one takeaway meal per month’ plan – December will be Sebastian’s choice. I hope it’s something good (I picked fish and chips). I’ve noticed that my water intake has been dropping quite a bit lately, which is not good. I need to bump this back up again. I’m also going to try and switch out my daily morning coffee at work to a green tea. Which is cheaper, and better for me in the log run.

Health & Fitness Goodies
* Bree Loves Beauty mentioned the Pump Up App in a few videos recently, and I decided to check it out. I’ve only just downloaded it, so I’ll let you know what I think of it in more detail in a future post. ** Sebastian is a big fan of Knife Party, so I’ve been listening to their music whenever I’m in his car, and I think some of their songs would be great to workout to. This is my favourite at the moment.

October Fitness Chat

Summer is coming, and with it comes renewed motivation and fresh inspiration. The warmer weather makes it so much easier to eat well and find time to fit in workouts throughout the week. My partner and I are both feeling extremely motivated at the moment (driven by a wedding we’re attending in January, and the fact that beach season is upon us), so we’re trying to help each other to get moving and eat better. Having this kind of support is endlessly helpful, but if you don’t have a partner to help you with your fitness endeavors, I find that a ‘gym buddy’ works just as well. Having someone besides yourself to be accountable to when it comes to working out, is surprisingly motivating.

September Goals
Unfortunately I failed to achieve my September goals. I didn’t reach my caloric burn goal, I wasn’t able to complete the Lorna Jane Squat Challenge, and we’re still eating out way more than we should (especially as we’re saving for a big trip next year). But it’s a new month, and I’m setting myself a fresh bunch of goals to achieve. Here we go!

October Goals
I find that when I have a schedule in place, I’m more likely to stick to a plan. So I wrote up a month’s worth of workouts on a calendar page and my goal is to achieve all of them in a month. I don’t have to do each workout on the date shown, but I do have to do ALL of them before the month ends. When they’ve been completed I’ll mark them off with a gold star. So far so good, but we’ll see how we go. Tying in with this, I want to start running on the little track we’ve worked out near our house. It takes me a bit longer to get into road-running, but there is so much additional benefit that it’s well worth the effort. Food-wise, we’re aiming for only one takeout meal per month. I’m sure we can achieve this, especially as we’re both in strict budget mode at the moment.

Health & Fitness Related Goodies
* The biggest motivation for me lately has been watching BreeLovesVlogs, as she has a very healthy lifestyle, and watching her constantly hitting up the gym or heading out to do some kind of fun workout is quite inspirational. ** This is an awful song, but it’s catchy, and it makes me want to move.

September Fitness Chat

Well well well. Another month (nearly) over. We’ve been noticing a steady change in the weather lately, although we did still have a lot of rain and some storms on the weekend. That was a nice juxtaposition against the lovely 34 degree weather of the day before. Ahh, weather. Why you so crazy? As we head towards summer it’s a LOT easier to fit in a workout in the evenings, mostly due to it not being pitch black at 6pm. I’m looking forward to being back home this week so we can take full advantage of the beautiful weather.

August Goals
I have been using the treadmill, but not as frequently as I’d hoped. However, when I have been running I’ve felt the need to push myself further and try to beat my previous efforts. I really miss that feeling, and I look forward to having that back full-time soon. I have started the Lorna Jane Squat challenge, and am steadily making my way through it. I haven’t given up yet, so that’s a good thing. As for my health, I am pretty much back to feeling 100%, and it’s wonderful. I do need to go back to see my doctor at the end of the month to follow up, but we’re definitely on the right track with diagnosing what was wrong with me. Phew.

Monthly Goals
I decided to try to hit a caloric burn goal for the week, from Sunday through to next Sunday. I’m going to try and burn 1500 calories in a week (just during my specific workout times, not counting regular day-to-day calories burned, obviously), so fingers crossed I can reach my goal! I also want to continue with the Lorna Jane Squat challenge, and start planning for next month’s challenge. I want to stick to a healthy meal plan as best I can (we’re going out for dinner quite a lot lately, and have some big social events coming up), and cut out all unnecessary treats.

Health & Fitness Related Goodies
* I remembered that the easiest way to motivate myself to workout is to watch Beyonce clips on Youtube. Trust me, it works. ** This is m favourite workout song at the moment, It’s silly, but it’s catchy and has a steady beat to run to.

August Fitness Chat

Wow, another month down. Isn’t it crazy how time flies? It all seems to go a lot faster when the second half of the year rolls around. As with my last few updates, I’m still not 100% back on track with my fitness plan. But at this stage I’m putting it down to a mix between the winter weather draining my motivation, and the bouts of illness I’ve been having over the past few months. I’m still not feeling better but there have been some really lovely days lately, with the sun out and the temperatures not too low, and I’m feeling more motivated now than I have done in the past few months. Onwards and upwards!

July Goals
I was slowly getting back into the swing of things this month, and kind of accomplished my goal of more gold stars in my planner. Well… there’s more in there than there was last month, I’ll say that much. As for visiting our local gym and trying out their services – no. That did not happen.

Monthly Goals
I’ll have unlimited access to a treadmill in September, so I want to focus on building back up to running again. I also want to undertake a kind of fitness ‘challenge’, and at this stage I think it’ll be the squat challenge from the Lorna Jane fitness diary. I also want to get my health on track, and my doctor and I have the ball rolling, and hopefully we’ll have something figured out soon.

Health & Fitness Related Goodies
* If you’re after some inspiration to help you push just a bit harder during your next workout, check out the Nicki Minaj film clip for Anaconda. Sheesh. What a body.

July Fitness Chat

This post is somewhat laughable, as June and July were both complete write-offs in regards to fitness. If anything, I’ve probably regressed more than I’ve made any sort of progress this month. I can blame most of that on me only just now getting over a kidney infection (which is a pretty legit excuse in my eyes), and I also had a headcold last month that knocked me for six. Looking beyond that, it’s onwards and upwards for the rest of the year.

Monthly Goals
Sebastian and I are heading away this weekend, for a little getaway to celebrate his birthday. After that, it’s game on on the fitness front. We’ve both agreed to check out the local gym, who offer a free day pass for people to come in and look at/try the facilities available. On top of that, my main goal is to just get some gold stars happening on my calendar again. I’ll be starting slow, but I’ll have some bigger goals for when the weather clears up a bit in a month or so.