October “Spooky” Movie Challenge Wrap Up


In late September I posted about my October “Spooky Movie Challenge that I had set for myself. The plan was to celebrate Spooky Season throughout October by watching a bunch of Halloween vibe movies. I didn’t do too badly with the challenge, and I actually ended up watching a bunch of movies I didn’t put on my list to start with (hello entire Final Destination movie franchise) so it’s my own fault I didn’t manage to cross everything off. I will be doing this again next year, because it was a really fun way to celebrate the season. I am already planning my December Christmas Movie Challenge, and I can’t wait!

October “Spooky” Movie Challenge

I decided to set myself a bit of a movie challenge for October, and the vibe is SPOOKY. We don’t exactly celebrate Halloween in Australia, although each year I feel like I have seen it creep in more and more in the shops and also in our traditions, but I’m not mad about it.

Here are the movies I’m planning to watch in October:



Fifteen movies might seem like a lot to watch in one month, and to be honest I have no idea if I’ll be able to accomplish it, but I feel like it’ll be fun to try. I’ve included a blend of fun Halloween-vibe films and some spookier stuff to keep things interesting. Wish me luck!

Halloween To-Watch List

Halloween is becoming more and more of a thing here in Australia, and I’m happy to embrace it. I haven’t gone so far as to decorate our house yet, but more stores are bring out cute Halloween decorations and I have to admit I’m tempted. One tradition I’ve embraced for quite a while now is watching Halloween themed movies around this time of year. I have my favourites (like I do with my Christmas movies) that I rewatch every year, and occasionally I’ll work something new into the mix. Here’s what I’m planning to watch this year –

What are your favourite Halloween movies?