Adore Beauty Haul


Kérastase Reflection Bain Chromatique Shampoo & Conditioner – One of my goals for this year is to stop spending money I don’t need to be spending (hello building a house life), but I am “allowed” to repurchase things where needed. This is my first repurchase of the year, as I am close to finishing up the Living Proof Shampoo & Conditioner Duo I’ve been using for the last few months.
O&M Original Queenie Firm Hold Hairspray – This is another repurchase, as I’m getting close to finishing up yet another tube of this amazing hairspray. Sebastian now uses this whenever he washes his hair and needs to style it, so I am going through bottles much faster than I used to. I feel like the fact this works just as well on his thick curly hair as it does on my fine straight hair says a lot about the quality of this product.
Adore Beauty Rose Quartz Facial Massage Set – So forgetting everything I said before about only repurchasing things, I felt that I desperately needed this facial massage set. So I bought it. I want to try and implement facial massage into my daily skincare routine this year, so I can reverse whatever extra ageing 2020 added to my face and try to end the year looking younger than I did when it began.

Nostalgic Book Haul (January)


Sweet Valley High #35 – Out Of Control“Aaron Dallas, the handsome co-captain of the Sweet Valley High soccer team, used to be friendly and likeable. But suddenly he’s changed. He explodes whenever the smallest thing goes wrong, and lashes out at everyone, including his teammates and his girlfriend, Heather. Elizabeth Wakefield is concerned about the change in Aaron. Her boyfriend, Jeffrey French, is Aaron’s best friend. Jeffrey keeps making excuses for Aaron, and Elizabeth can’t persuade him that his best friend really needs help – until Jeffrey himself becomes the target of Aaron’s rage.”
Sweet Valley High #49 – Playing For Keeps“Jessica and senior A.J. Morgan are in love. He is different from most of the guys she has dated, and Jessica is sure that he would love her even more if she acted more like her sister, Elizabeth. But when she begins to act like Elizabeth, A.J. gets bored, and she has to fight for her man!”
Sweet Valley High #50 – Out Of Reach“All Jade Wu wants is to be as all-American as her classmates, but her traditional Chinese father will not let her do anything the other kids do–especially date attractive David Prentiss. Then an ugly rumor threatens to destroy her dreams, and Jade despairs of ever being happy.”

Birthday Book Haul

The wonderful Riley was kind enough to send me a lil Amazon gift card for my birthday this year, and I had so much fun spending it. I managed to find a bunch of Sweet Valley University books that are almost impossible to find here in Australia. It’s so exciting for me to find these, it would have taken me years otherwise. I am one step closer to finalising my collection! Here is what I picked up:



Sweet Valley University #28 – Elizabeth’s Heartbreak“Tom Watts has found the perfect woman. Talented, intelligent, and a total knockout, Dana Upshaw is everything a guy could want. But can she ever live up to Tom’s passion-filled memories of ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Wakefield? Gin-Yung Suh is keeping a fatal secret from boyfriend Todd Wilkins. The only way she can protect him is to keep him wrapped up in the arms of his first love, Elizabeth. But can Gin-Yung bear losing her love and her life? The women of SVU are posing for a calendar to raise money for the homeless, and Jessica Wakefield is desperate to be one of the 12 women picked. How far will she go to be Miss April, May, or June?”

Sweet Valley University #37 – Breaking Away“Is this the beginning of the end? Elizabeth Wakefield is leaving SVU! She and Scott Sinclair have been accepted to a journalism program that will take her far away from Sweet Valley… possibly forever. Does Elizabeth really want to go? Or is she hoping that someone will stop her? Jessica Wakefield will do anything to keep her twin sister from leaving SVU – including impersonating her! Is Jessica good enough to fool Tom Watts into believing he and Elizabeth still have a chance? The last thing Dana Upshaw wants to see is Tom and Elizabeth back together. She knows Scott feels exactly the same way. When these two schemers hook up, will every last lingering feeling between Tom and Elizabeth be destroyed?”

Sweet Valley University #50 – Summer Of Love“A $5,000 scholarship is just a mission away, but Elizabeth Wakefield would rather win Sam Burgess’s love. Impossible–since Sam’s girlfriend is waiting for him at the finish line. Well, Elizabeth hasn’t come this far for nothing. She’s going to show Sam how strong she really is… even if it kills her. The final straw? Jessica Wakefield has had it! Her team does nothing but argue, she hasn’t hooked up with anyone, and her final mission involves facing one of her biggest fears. Will she abandon her team at the last minute? Tom Watts and Todd Wilkins–best buddies? Absolutely! Angered by Sam’s treatment of Elizabeth, they’re ready to fight for her–unless they wind up fighting over her instead!”

Sweet Valley University #54 – Rush Week“Everyone knows Chloe is a shoo-in for Theta… at least that’s what she thinks. Elizabeth can’t wait for her next date with Finn… but might not be so enthused if she knew what he really wanted. Todd’s suddenly single… too bad that campus girls aren’t into townies. Nina trades studying for partying… but finds snoozing in class isn’t much fun.”

Sweet Valley University #58 – The Dreaded Ex“Chloe doesn’t care that her ex is dating her best friend… so why is she jealous? Elizabeth wants lying, cheating Sam out of the duplex… but will her housemates vote against her? Todd’s trying to impress the girl of his dreams… too bad nothing he says is true.”

Nostalgic Book Haul (December)


Goosebumps #7 – Night Of The Living Dummy“Lindy names the ventriloquist’s dummy she finds Slappy. Slappy is kind of ugly, but he’s a lot of fun. Lindy’s having a great time learning to make Slappy move and talk. But Kris is jealous of all the attention her sister is getting. It’s no fair. Why does Lindy always have all the luck? Kris decides to get a dummy of her own. She’ll show Kris. Then weird things begin to happen. Nasty things. Evil Things. No way a dummy can be causing all the trouble. Or is there?”
Sweet Valley High #42 – Caught In The Middle“Sandra Bacon has finally found a boy to love. Manuel Lopez is kind, sensitive, and handsome, and he cares about Sandra as much as she cares about him. But there is one problem: Sandy’s parents don’t approve of Manuel. So the couple must keep their love and their precious moments together a secret. Then eyewitnesses place Manuel at the scene of a life-threatening accident, and only Sandy can clear his name. If she tells the truth, she may lose her parents’ trust and love; but if she doesn’t, she will certainly lose Manuel forever.”
Sweet Valley High #46 – Decisions“Robin Wilson’s aunt is putting pressure on her to apply for early admission to Sarah Lawrence, her aunt and grandmother’s alma mater. Since her aunt is paying for her education, Robin is torn between making her aunt happy and not leaving her boyfriend, George.”

Bath & Body Works Haul


For years I have used the Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint Body Lotion as my Christmas scent. I whip it out in Summer and it does not fail to fill me with Christmas joy. I had run out of the stash I had accumulated back in the days where I would order things from the US via HopShopGo, so I was thrilled when my friend pointed out that the Australian online store had the products in stock this year. I bought up big and threw in a few extra goodies for the hell of it. Here’s what I ordered:

Twisted Peppermint Body Wash & Shower Gel
Twisted Peppermint Body Cream
– Twisted Peppermint Fine Fragrance Mist
Rose Water & Ivy Foaming Hand Soap
Vanilla Bean Noel Foaming Hand Soap
Frosted Coconut Snowball Body Cream

Now if they also release the Warm Vanilla Sugar fragrance range for winter next year I’ll be set!