My Birthday/Christmas Wishlist

Guess what guys? My birthday is in a few weeks. To be honest, I’m not excited about either my birthday OR Christmas this year. I know, I don’t even know who I am anymore. Despite this lack of enthusiasm, I’ve still managed to put together a little list of things I wouldn’t mind getting for either my birthday or Christmas this year. And it is as follows…

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling
Lost Ocean by Joanna Basford
NARS Jungle Red Lipstick
MAC Cremeblend Blush in Ladyblush
Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel
RMS Beauty Living Luminiser
Glasshouse Esperance Candle
Claire V Supreme Foldover Clutch
Rebecca Minkoff Safari Haze Ear Tusk
Celestial Coaster Set (in white)
Giraffe Trinket Dish
Monagram Mug

Fun fact about me: I worked at a local florist during part of my time at high school. The more you know. I was recently given the opportunity to order a bouquet of flowers from, to see how I felt about their services. I really enjoyed my experience with the company and thought I’d share my thoughts with you all, just in case you’re looking for a decent online store to order beautiful bouquets from. It feels a little bit strange to send flowers to yourself (for the record: it’s not, it’s a wonderful thing to do), so I decided to send them to someone who I felt needed them more: Pepsi. Earlier that day, the gate we’ve been using to section Ben off in parts of the house had fallen on Pepsi (after Ben nudged it with his nose). As you can imagine, Pepsi was in a bit of a bad mood. What better way to cheer her up than to send her a bouquet of fresh flowers? I knew she’d love them. offer delivery to Perth, and same day delivery if you place your order before 2pm on weekdays (or 10am on Saturday). One thing I noticed and found especially handy when placing my order is that the site offers you a few options for when your flowers can’t be delivered. This may not sound like much, but recently when my girlfriends and I tried to surprise a friend with a bunch of flowers, not having her there on hand to pick them up caused some confusion and run-around. Having the option to choose alternatives like having the flowers redelivered the next day, or saying it was fine to leave the bouquet at the delivery location if the recipient wasn’t available to collect them is a great feature that this company offers. Sebastian also mentioned to me that the delivery driver called him about 15 minutes before delivery (actually, he asked to speak to Pepsi), to make sure someone was home. I think this is another good feature, although it takes some of the surprise out of the delivery, it does make sure the flowers are delivered efficiently. The flowers themselves were gorgeous and great quality, fresh pink tulips that opened up over the following days. I ordered one of the Serendipity bouquets – 20 stems for $49.95, but there are larger tulip bouquet options for $69.95 (for 30 stems) and $89.95 (for 40 stems). The card was handwritten in beautiful penmanship, and Pepsi was very pleased. I do wonder what the florist thought of the message inside the card though, that makes me laugh. All up I was very pleased with the service and product quality of and would highly recommend them to others.

Holiday Snapshots – Pemberton (Scarlet Woods Chalets)

I booked a little getaway for us as an early celebration of Sebastian’s birthday, and it was heavenly. We both felt like we’d done the Dunsborough and Margaret River region a bit to death over the last year and a half, so I decided to branch out and find somewhere new for us to stay. After doing a bit of research online, I settled on the Scarlet Woods Chalets in Pemberton. As it turns out, staying somewhere with no internet connection and nothing to do except relax is a really wonderful thing. Granted, we did get out and about on one of the days we were there, but that time was spent hiking through a forest and exploring the small town of Pemberton. Nothing fast-paced, nothing fancy. Just good old fashioned relaxation. Our days basically went like this: sleep in, enjoy pancakes and bacon on the balcony while watching the fog roll into the valley and the kangaroos practicing their boxing out on the lawn, play monopoly while eating copious amounts of cheese and drinking scotch (or red wine), grilling on the BBQ, and enjoying freezing cold nights in the hot water of the jacuzzi on the balcony. Like I said, heavenly.

April Recap

For me, April is all about celebrating Easter and A LOT of family birthdays. April also seems to be the beginning point in the year where we all suddenly realise how quickly time is passing, and panic a little bit. Well, at least I know I do. Here’s a review of how I spent my time in April.

Easter means chocolate! I put together these little pouches of chocolate eggs for my team, and reaped the rewards through a lot of chocolate gifts on my own. The day before Easter break is always powered by chocolate, and I’m not complaining. The unavoidable sugar crash can be a bit of a struggle though. I’m lucky enough to date someone who is a bit of a romantic, and received these beautiful roses after having a bit of a bad week. What a sweetheart. Pepsi was excited for Easter, and didn’t even realise it! We received this magnetic whiteboard from a local real estate agent and it’s provided us with a lot of opportunities for fun.

My sister made a delicious baileys mudcake (with maltesers, of course) for our Good Friday family BBQ. Good times, good times. I finally dug my Rebecca Minkoff Hudson Mini Moto handbag out of my wardrobe and dusted it off for the Autumn/Winter season. I love this colour so much. I made caramel slice for our Easter Sunday family lunch, and it was a great success as always. So much sugar. So much. Ben enjoyed the festivities, even though he’s not allowed to have chocolate.

On one of our afternoon walks around the neighbourhood I noticed that two of the streets nearby are called Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. My fellow Australians would get this reference. It’s even more fitting as we live near a lot of Banksia trees (who else was terrified of the Banksia Men as a child?). I introduced Sebastian to a card game I used to play with my great grandmother whenever I would go to her house. As it turns out, playing cards is a really fun way to spend an evening away from technology. Sebastian went back to Adelaide during the month for work, and I made the most of him being away and cooked PRAWNS for dinner. Yum. So delicious. He hates most seafood (except for some kinds of fish), so I rarely eat it anymore. This was a nice little treat. Perth looks lovely first thing in the morning, doesn’t it?

My work team had our second night out together during the month, and we kicked it off with drinks at Bar Lafayette. Such a cool location, I’ll definitely be heading back there again in the future. Colouring in became a favourite pastime of mine this month. We’ve visited BamBamBoo way more times than I’d like to admit. It’s firmly cemented it’s place as our favourite restaurant in Perth. The prawn hargao dumplings are to die for delicious. My dad, brother, and sister all celebrate their birthdays in April but of course they all flew to Bali to celebrate. Without me. Woe. We got together once everyone was back and had a family lunch on ANZAC day, and dad had my pop and great-grandfather Norman’s medals out on display for the grandkids to have a look at.

I got one good thing out of my entire family going away on holiday without me. Vodka. Look how thrilled we are to be going on “staycation”! I was a lucky girl twice in one month it seems. Two beautiful bunches of red roses given to me by Sebastian. What a guy. Oh, and I self-gifted myself some more stickers from Alex Studio. The drinks ones will probably last me forever because I never go out drinking.

Staycation 2015

I’ve felt an incredibly strong desire for a holiday lately, but time and money constraints have made it impossible. I decided that we’d try a ‘Staycation’ and spend one night away from home somewhere in our own city. This ended up being far less expensive than heading away for the weekend, but we still felt like we’d gotten away for a bit. I did a bit of research and decided on Rendezvous Scarborough, because it’s a place we’re familiar with and the location is quite lovely. To add to the experience, I booked us both in for a Swedish Back, Neck, and Shoulder massage at Vanilla Face & Body Spa, which is located within the hotel. We both had a lovely experience at Vanilla. The service was top notch, the facilities were great, and the massage itself was wonderful. The only downside for me was that I came up in a horrible rash (which I noticed the morning after the massage) – but I do not put any of the blame on Vanilla. They gave us a form to fill out prior to the appointment, and I clearly stated that I had no allergies to nuts (which is the oil that was used during the session). Well, as it turns out I do have a kind of allergy. The more you know. After our massage we checked in and headed up to our room, and were happy to see that we had a beautiful view of the ocean from our balcony.

Now it was time for us to wind down. What I’d been waiting for all week. We kicked back, relaxed, and tuned in for some blissful uninterrupted TV time. It’s funny, if we watch TV at home I always feel like I have 100 other things I could be doing and I never really relax. Having all of that taken away from me really made it easier for me to unwind. We watched a couple of episodes of Daredevil, and then decided on dinner. I initially wanted room service, and although there were quite a few gluten free options available on the dinner menu (props to Rendezvous for that), nothing caught my eye. We decided on Grill’d, which is conveniently located at the base of the hotel. Grill’d now offer a gluten free bun option on their burger menu (although I am confused as to why there is a disclaimer that it may contain gluten, no other product that ‘may’ contain gluten that I’ve come across ever calls itself gluten free), and happily it was quite delicious. Yes, that is Seinfeld in the background. We only have one season left!

Sebastian wanted something quite specific for breakfast (a smoked salmon bagel), so we did a bit of a google search and discovered The SandBar just down the road had exactly what we were after. Sebastian ordered his bagel and I ordered poached eggs with mushrooms, bacon, and gluten free toast. I like a big breakfast. The breakfast was delicious, and the gluten free bread was so yummy I even asked the waiter which bread they use and I’ll be attempting to hunt it down sometime soon. After breakfast we went for a stroll along the foreshore and witnessed a man doing some vigorous dancing on the grassed area near the water. What a way to start the day! We headed home mid-morning, and both felt refreshed after our mini Staycation. I think it’s a great way of taking a break without traveling too far from home, or spending too much money.