Tuesday Tunes – 4 Great Albums (70’s)

My sister came to visit us last week, and happened to be introduced to my blog during her stay. One of her first questions when I described to her what the blog was all about was “so where are the music posts?”. I’ve decided to work ‘Tuesday Tunes’ into the general post programming, so hopefully there are some music fans out there that will enjoy these, and participate in the suggestion type posts that I plan to include in the future. I was struggling to think of post ideas to start up with, so big thanks to my friend Caitlin who helped me break down the concept of ‘great album’ type posts and give me the suggestion to separate them into time periods. The first era that I’m focusing on is one of my favourites – the 1970’s. It was a bit of a struggle for me to stop at just 4 albums, but I think it’s a pretty concise list of awesome.

As you can probably tell by my selection, my preference for 70’s music is more towards the rock side of things (hard rock, country rock, progressive rock etc.) than the other music styles that were popular at the time (disco, R&B, new wave etc.). Are you a fan of 70’s music? If so, do you have any suggestions for me as to some great 70’s albums or bands? Speak up!