House Project List

As of 20/02/2016 –

Front + Back Yard
Plant honeysuckle and start training it against the front fence
Weed the entire garden
Lay down new mulch in the front and back garden beds
Buy/lay down stones in the front garden
Buy/plant three small succulent flowering plants in the front garden
Re-mulch Pepsi’s corner of the back yard
Buy two dwarf bougainvillea plants for against the fence
Buy a BBQ
Buy an outdoor setting
Set up a shade sail over the outdoor setting (we ended up buying an outdoor setting with an umbrella instead)

Plant more herbs
Put tall flowering plants outside the study window
Clean the front door
Replace the back door mat
Buy & install an outdoor light fitting

Buy paint
Paint the entire interior of the house
Buy and hang a mirror in the master bedroom
Re-organize the walk in robe
Re-organize under bed storage
Purge clothes
Purge jewelery collection
Re-organize bathroom cupboard
Deep clean the glass wall in the shower
Deep clean the bathroom & laundry air vents
Hang shelf in laundry room
Purge makeup collection
Purge beauty product collection
Take all unwanted books to the book exchange
Create a gift card storage solution
Re-organize the study cupboard
Re-organize the linen press
Hang plastic bag holder in the linen press
Re-organize the small hutch
Re-organize the tall hutch

Deep clean the shower
Purge everything in the fridge and pantry
Have light fittings installed
Donate unwanted cat beds and scratching post to the cat haven
Buy + hang a suitable print for the living area
Sort through and donate all unwanted DVDs and games
Organize the cable and electronics drawer