Product Review: L’Oreal Smoothing Resurfacing Primer

I have never been a huge fan of primers. In fact, if I didn’t need to wear foundation or tinted moisturiser to even out my complexion and make me look ‘ put together’ for work, I probably wouldn’t. I have a strange phobia about layering too many products on my face, and because I’d never seen much in the way of results from primers before, I stopped bothering with them. I was asked to review the L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer for Fashionising, so I thought it would be interesting to try out a primer again to see what I thought. (Especially as I’ve been noticing my pores more and more in my old age!) My first impression of the primer was that it was something of a miracle worker. The consistency of the product reminded me something of the Maybelline Dream Mousse blushes, but a little softer.

It smoothed onto the skin really easily and a little bit of product went a long way. I applied it to my pore-problem areas (my cheeks and the middle of my forehead) and it seemed to smooth everything out and made my skin feel soft and silky. My foundation applied well over the top, and everything looked smooth and even. Winner. (how many times can I use the word smooth in this review?) I would say the effects of the primer probably last me until lunch time, where my skin goes back to looking as it normally would without the product. Not so much of a winner for those like me with oily/combination skin who work a full 8 hours and need long lasting results from makeup. I would definitely use this product for nights where I am going out for dinner or something similar where I only really need a couple of hours coverage. I’m also really happy with the fact that this primer didn’t break me out at all, as other products that I’ve used in the past have done. The L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer retails for $39.95 AUD and is available for purchase from Priceline. (note: I was sent this product for consideration for review)

Christmas Gift Guide Pt 3. (under $200)

This is my third and final gift guide for the season, for items under $200. If you’re interested, you can still view my previous gift gives for under $50 and under $100 that I posted last week. I managed to get 99% of my Christmas shopping done yesterday so I have 1 more gift to buy and I am done for the season! Enough bragging, on to the gift guide…

Under $200 (for her)

Under $200 (for him)

Happy Holidays!

Product Review: Stila Convertible Colour in Gerbera

I’ve been sitting here for about 5 minutes now trying to remember if it was this Convertible Colour, or Petunia that I was given by someone because the shade didn’t suit them. And also whether or not that friend was the fabulous Em. I still can’t remember, so on to the review… I have been wearing the Stila Convertible Colour in Gerbera practically every day lately. It’s smooth wearing, easy to apply and the colour is a really gorgeous natural light apricot/peach on fair skin. It also lasts really well and I am still left with colour on my cheeks at the end of the working day. Apologies in advance for the swatch, it’s rather heavy handed as there was a bit of fluff in the compact (can I blame my beauty blender for this?) and I went a little crazy trying to get it out, so when I swatched a lot of product was applied at once.

I have been using my beauty blender to apply it to the apple of my cheeks and then adding highlight with either NARS Orgasm Highlighter or the Benefit Girl Meets Pearl. Perfect summer cheeks in my opinion! I also really love the packaging of the convertible colours. They looks so pretty in the pan, I almost want to have them out on display. I’ve never used this on my lips (despite it being a dual-use product) but I’ve heard that it can be quite drying if you do wear it as a lip colour, so be wary of that. The Stila Convertible Colours are available for purchase in Australia at Mecca Cosmetica, and retail for $48 AUD.