Product Review: i.d. Bare Minerals Eyeshadow in Vanilla Sugar

While visiting the US a couple of years ago, my Aunt and I decided to stop in at the i.d. Bare Minerals counter to get colour matched for their foundation. I developed a love for their brand that was only dampened on returning to an Australian summer and discovering that mineral foundation and extreme heat combine to make my face itch like crazy. It wasn’t pleasant. However, I did manage to pick up one of their eyeshadow kits before discovering this nasty fact, and thankfully the eyeshadows don’t seem to have the same effect as the foundation does when combined with the heat. The kit I picked up was the ‘get started eyes’ set, and it contained the shadow shade Vanilla Sugar.

It doesn’t appear so orange when applied to my lids, it comes out as more of a soft peach sort of shade. I really like the i.d. Bare Minerals shadows because they seem to last really well on my lids, despite the fact that my lids get quite oily through the day (gross, I know). They are also quite smooth to apply, and easy to blend. I can’t seem to find this particular shadow shade for sale online anywhere in Australia, but it is currently available for purchase on the Sephora website for $13 USD. (note: if anyone can recommend a good mineral foundation brand that offers shades appropriate for palefaces like myself, that doesn’t itch in hot weather, please speak up!)