iHerb Order

Following my decision to go gluten free for a little while (to see what positive effects it has on my stomach issues), I realised that the majority of the food items in my pantry contain gluten. Which, if I do in fact have an intolerance, could explain a lot of the health issues I’ve been dealing with lately. There are a few staples required in a gluten free household, and I decided to pick up a couple of things from iHerb to supplement what I’ve alreadyy purchased from the small gluten free section in Coles. Here’s what I picked up –

I haven’t placed an iHerb order in quite a while, and I was surprised at the amount of gluten free foods they have available. It’s great! Thankfully the shipping time (or expense) isn’t too bad, so soon I’ll have yummy chocolate hazelnut spread in my life once again.

iHerb Haul

I had no plans to buy any more beauty products this season, but when someone posted a discount code for iHerb on Twitter I decided to head over and have a look at what they had to offer. I’ve been dying to try the Skin Trip coconut body lotion for years but could never justify the cost of shipping it internationally so when I saw that iHerb stock it (and have reasonable shipping fees) you best believe that I was all over that shizz. I also picked up a couple of Physician’s Formula items (somehow I ordered eyeliner sets for both brown and green eyes – I’m not sure how that happened) and also the infamous Queen Helene mint julep face masque. The order also came with a little coupon attached to the invoice, and if you use GEC560 you will get $5 off of your first iHerb purchase. Go forth and spend!