Product Review: O&M No Knott Conditioning Detangler

Depending on how long it is and what condition it’s in, my hair can be a real pain in the you-now-what to comb through after a shower. I’ll often use a detangling spray to help me comb through my hair without breaking it and causing too much damage. The O&M No Knott Conditioning Detangler initially lured me in with its fruity apricot scent and then kept my interest with its ability to detangle my hair without overloading it with product. No Knott contains both argan & macadamia oils, which ensure that my hair is left feeling soft and silky every time I use it. If you’re in the market for a good quality detangling spray that also helps to condition your hair, I highly recommend this. O&M is fast becoming my favourite hair care brand and I can’t wait to try more products from them in the future. The O&M No Knott Conditioning Detangler retails for $28.95 and is available for purchase from Luxe List. (note: this product was provided for consideration for review)

Product Review: O&M Original Queenie Firm Hold Hairspray

I hate my hair. Well, I hate my hair when I make an effort to try and style it and it refuses to co-operate (which is often). I was shocked and amazed to discover that O&M Original Queenie Firm Hold Hairspray actually manages to hold a curl in my hair all day. ALL DAY GUYS. To me this is a miracle and it has completely revolutionised the way I style my hair. I have curled my hair nearly every day since discovering that this product helps me maintain a style for an entire work day. It has a similar scent to most traditional hairsprays, only not as strong and not as offensive. Queenie is a flexible-firm hold spray, which means you can spray it into your hair and then brush it through easily without your hair ending up a big frizzy crispy mess. Normally when I use a hairspray and attempt to brush it through after styling it completely ruins the look, but not this one. O&M Original Queenie Firm Hold Hairspray retails for $31.95 AUD and can be purchased online from Adore Beauty. (note: product was sent for consideration for review)

Current Hair Wish List

Kevin.Murphy Powder Puff Do you suffer from pancake hair? I do. Watch this video by the beautiful Slavisa and see if you’re not instantly sold on this product. I saw a TV ad for the Schwarzkopf version of this which also looks quite promising and for $8.99 it’s definitely the cheaper version. I would be interested to try both out and see how they compare.

Kerastase Resistance Ciment ThermiqueI received about 10 sample packets of this in one of the Australian luxury subscription boxes last year (I can’t remember which one, sorry) and I’ve only just started to try it out. I love this stuff. I use it prior to blow drying my hair and it helps to seal the ends of my hair and make my hair soft & shiny. I will hopefully be purchasing a full sized bottle of this sometime in the future.

O&M Queenie Firm Hold HairsprayFinding a decent hairspray is the bane of my hair styling existence so I’ve got my hopes set on this pretty little number from one of my favourite hair care brands, O&M. I’m really curious to see what this smells like too, as O&M products always smell amazing.

evo Love Touch Shine SprayI am halfway through my Moroccanoil Shimmer Spray but I’ll be looking to try something different when I’m finished the bottle, and at the top of my ‘shine serums to try’ list is this product. I love everything that I’ve ever tried from the evo range, so I have high hopes for this.

Project 50 Pan (part 3)

11 – Original & Mineral Fine Intellect Shampoo
12 – The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner
13 – Wella Enrich Moisturising Treatment
14 – Bloom Vanilla Bean Scented Soap
15 – Haus of Gloi Litchi Milk Tea Pumpkin Butter

I’m plodding along gradually with the products that I’m using up, and I slipped and ‘accidentally’ purchased a few things, so I’m not doing that well with sticking to the plan. Having said that, my spending has slowed down a LOT in regards to beauty products since starting this challenge. So far, so good!

Product Review: O&M Rootalicious

Where to start with O&M’s Rootalicious… First things first – best product name ever. Secondly, I am really growing to love O&M’s packaging. All of their products look amazing sitting on the shelf which means I’m always more than happy to have them on display and Rootalicious is no exception. One thing that Rootalicious doesn’t seem to have going for it as much as other O&M products I’ve used in the past is the fragrance. It has no real scent that I can pick up on, so I was slightly disappointed by that. Getting past that small factor, this product works miracles on my flat hair. To use, you can apply the foam just to the root area to give added lift, or comb it through your hair to add volume in all areas. The directions don’t actually state whether or not you’re supposed to apply the product to dry or damp hair, so I tried both and definitely think that damp hair (prior to blow drying) is the way to go. The results were nothing crazy, but obvious. My hair looked fuller and definitely had more body and lift in the root area. O&M Rootalicious retails for $29.95 AUD and can be purchased online from Australian beauty retailer Adore Beauty. (note: I was sent this product for consideration for review)