The Go-To Face

Despite having more makeup than any one person could possibly need in a life time (honestly I’m not sure where it all comes from and I’m starting to believe that it breeds while I sleep), I tend to wear the same makeup every day. These are the products that I reach for when I’m a) feeling lazy b) in a rush or c) stuck in a makeup rut. Basically they’re my tried and true favourites and I’ve discovered that slapping them together on my face doesn’t leave too bad a result.

NP Set Calming Pre-Foundation Primer – A little of this primer goes a long way, as it contains slight shimmer particles that can leave your face looking like a disco ball. I discovered this when I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the train window one afternoon. Not a good look.

Givenchy Photo Perfexion Foundation (in Perfect Ivory) – This is my holy grail foundation and the perfect match for my temperamental skin. The foundation is light enough for medium coverage on average days and easy to build up for night time if necessary.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer (in Fair) – 6 months ago I would have said Benefit Erase Paste was my holy grail concealer, but it’s since been usurped by this little beauty. Lightweight, a good cover match, easily blendable and reasonably cheap. Everything I could possibly want in a concealer.

Face Of Australia Loose Powder (in Outback Translucent) – This is the only loose powder that I’m using at the moment and I really like it.

Urban Decay Primer Potion (in Original) – This eye primer has received mixed reviews, but I love it. It helps keeps eyeshadow on my grease & crease prone lids all day (or night).

MAC Eyeshadow (in Orb) – This is the perfect matte neutral eyeshadow for my skintone. It has a slight peach tint which makes it look like there is something on my lids, but it’s still very low key and neutral. I use this as an all over lid shade.

MAC Eyeshadow (in Dazzlelight) – This shadow has a slight sheen to it so I use this as a brow & inner eye highlight. It just helps to give a bit of dimension to an otherwise super basic eye look.

NYX Felt Tip Liner (in Jet Black) – Having finally mastered the art of liquid liner, I feel like a shark without it (hi beady little eyes). I also find that the thick black liquid liner adds a bit of drama to this very neutral eye look.

Lancome Hypnose Mascara – The best mascara I have ever used. Helps thicken & lengthen lashes and leaves no gritty fallout. Will repurchase forever and ever.

CK Brow Definition Crayon (in Brunette) – I only really started filling in my eyebrows at the end of last year, but I’ll never go back. In my opinion it makes a world of difference to any makeup look when brows are filled in.

NYX Powder Blush (in Peach) – I alternate my cheek and lip products the most out of everything, but lately I’ve been using this blush a lot. It gives a perfect sheer pink wash of colour an is dirt cheap.

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner (in Petting Pink) – Quite possibly THE best lip product to grab and apply on the go. This was one of the first products I ever bought from MAC and I’ve been faithful to it ever since.

So what is your go-to face?