What I Bought: October

ASOS Midi Dress w/ Floral Print & Button Waist – As I mentioned in a recent ‘thoughts of the week’ post, I’ve been on the hunt for a dress to wear to a friend’s engagement party. I decided on this dress from ASOS because I saw it ages ago and thought it was pretty, and when I returned to ASOS to have another browse it was still in stock. I find ASOS sizing pretty random, so hopefully it fits.

GAP Super Skinny Twill Pants – As the pants that I wanted to re-order from GAP had sold out in my size, I had to opt for the next best thing (or at least the closest option); the super skinny twill pants.

GAP Pure Body Tee in White & Black – I needed some good quality tees to wear to work for casual Friday (I find if I pair them with jeans, a statement necklace and a fitted blazer they look appropriate enough for business casual wear) and everything I’ve purchased from the pure body line at GAP has been made of really soft material and been super comfortable.

J Crew Accordion Pleat Top in Black – I received an email from J Crew notifying me of a 25% off opportunity (using code INSIDER, if you are a J Crew insider) so I popped over to the site to have a browse. I saw this and fell in love. It is 100% my style and I can’t wait for it to arrive.

What I Bought: August

As a pre-emptive budget blowing measure, I’m setting aside a certain allowance for each fortnight that I’m allowed to spend on myself. I’m a realist, and this money is a buffer to stop me from going crazy and dropping a lump sum on a whole bunch of stuff I don’t need just to get a shopping fix. The whole monitoring a super-strict budget thing seems to be working already because I hesitated and agonised over spending my allowance this month. But in the end I managed to part with my money, and this is what I’ve purchased since starting my super-strict budget plan in mid-August –

Alchemic Muse Pineapple Milk Body Lotion – I need body lotion like I need another elbow, but I’ve had this on my wishlist for Spring ever since laying eyes on it while placing my Winter haul at Alchemic Muse a couple of months ago. I mean, it’s pineapple milk scented. Do I really need to justify this?

Alchemic Muse Pineapple Milk Foaming Body Scrub – See above. PINEAPPLE MILK.

Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Powder in Lush Nectarine – I have turned into a bit of a Michele1218 fangirl (read: style stalker), and bookmarked this blush as soon as she mentioned it in one of her summer haul videos. I may or may not have been sucked in by the shade name lush nectarine. Yum.

Beauty Blender Double Sponge Set – My current beauty blender is about to fall off the perch, so I was in the market for a new one and I noticed that the double pack on K&MU NY is only $5 more than a single beauty blender. Bargain.

Geeniejay Neon Pink Geometric Post Earrings – One of the three things I had on my wishlist for my Spring wardrobe this year was a pair of neon pink studs, and when I saw these pinned on Pinterest I knew I had to have them.